The Banya Tradition starts here.  A cross between the Finnish sauna and steaming Turkish bath, the banya brings a multitude of health benefits.

-Detoxifies by opening up pores and eliminating up to thirty percent of bodily toxins thru perspiration.Boosts the immune system

-Increases cell oxygenation level

-Alleviates stress and mood swings

-Intensifies capillary activities

-Thorough cleansing promotes healthier and softer skin

-Promotes a sense of well being


Promotes Body cleansing, stimulation of blood circulation, Weight loss, Sense of well being, Enhancement of oxygen & nutrient supply to muscles, and Bettering of mental health.


Provides moist heat from 110-114 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 90 percent. Beneficial for everybody and especially people with respiratory problems, such as asthma or bronchitis. The inhalation of steam is effective in relieving the symptoms of these conditions.


As your body adjusts and the heat levels rise, a plunge into our ice cold dunk pool completes your bodily utopia.

 Bear and Birch, Freehold, an authentic Russian spa —June 3, 2015-Freehold, NJ.-Staff photographer/Bob Bielk/Asbury Park Press


Relax with family and friends. You can spend time together sipping a drink or simply having a chat. The bubbling of the Jacuzzi is particularly soothing and will help you relax not only mentally but also physically. Your feet contain thousands of nerve endings, and their stimulation can improve your overall well-being and mood.

Treat your sore muscles and joints. The water jets inside our tub allow for a high-pressure hydro massage that you direct to specific parts of your body simply by moving around and adjusting your body to receive the full force of the water.